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    I'm fairly new to Guitar Pro 6, I was looking to see if anyone here is experienced and knows how to do (what I believe) is a simple thing. I have my file and I accidentally clicked the tool for "automatic finger positioning" and now it has destroyed the visual layout of my tab. unfortunately I had saved after this and can't revert. does anyone know how to delete all finger positions or hide all of this notation on the TAB bars? I spent over an hour trying to figure out on my own and google possible fixes... but it looks like GP6 has no way to remove finger positions one set, and no way to hide it from view... any help is appreciated.

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    Do you have a screenshot. As far as I know the finger positioning optimizes the tab itself i.e. changes the way the notes should be fretted on the guitar
    (for example open A string instead of 5th fret on the E-string). I'm afraid you can't undo this after you have saved and closed your document.




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