Thanks to Chris Liepe's Pursuit of Tone - Effortless Effect, and a couple other of his videos and live sessions on creating jam tracks/recordings. I've been having a fabulous time applying a few of those skills I acquired from the sessions using Garage Band.

I have a question.
If anybody has some answers, thanks in advance.

To create the track I used several instruments with quite a few settings. I went back to the track a couple of weeks later and tried to recreate the sound and it took some time, to remember and experiment to get it close. Now I take pictures on my phone of the instruments/effects and settings and tag the pictures. I would really like to add those pictures to the Garage band project as a track asset. It only allows for text notes. I was wondering on Higher end DAW's like ProLogic, ProTools, etc, do they let you collect assets and attach them to the Project and/or tracks?

Here's a link to a Surfy Shuffle Jam Track