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    Default Making a Les Paul play easier?

    I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Custom that I recently had set up and the tech said all he did was raise the action a hair to remove fret buzz and set the intonation. I didn't play it much before so I cant give a real comparison on the before and after, but after playing the LP for 30-45 minutes, I can pick up my old junky acoustic guitar and play it twice as good. Is there anything I should ask the tech to do to get my LP to play easier? I think it may be because the neck radius is noticeably smaller on my acoustic, or could it be that the LP has regular slinky strings and the acoustic has elixir lights?

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    It could be many things. My acoustic and electric play different also. I would take both guitars to the tech and explain what is happening. If you aren't playing the Les Paul hard, maybe the tech could lower the action, and then bring it back up after you get more used to it.

    Like you said, it could be the neck, something you would have to get used to, or it could be something else. It may help the tech see what you do with the acoustic.

    I'd be interested in what you find out.

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    My LP has a fatter neck and also harder to play. My Fenders are much more playable. The Strat is the #1 guitar in the world for a reason.

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    Yeah and my wife just bought me a Gibson SG for our anniversary. Same neck radius. I'll experiment with both to see if I can find a way to make them play easier. I already know my next guitar will be a strat.

    Okay, I've got the SG now. Wow it's incredibly easy to play. Night and day difference from the LP I have. I'll have to compare and contrast tomorrow on what the main differences I can tell in the neck and setup is
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