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    Groovy Lisa Pursell - beginner electric guitar

    Just wondering if someone has watched Lisa's series because :
    I am at lesson 38 and I am really taking it in small pieces because there is so much (68 lessons), I was wondering though if this wasn't going a bit beyond beginner level...? I have watched other series here that weren't as big, I have also been a member of other platforms for learning guitar online and things like triads, 6th interval improvisation, 7#9 chords, circle of fifth, sweep picking, m7(b5) chords (topics from Lisa's series) were topics definitely not covered in beginner sections...

    this is not to criticize this series, I think it is great, but just to know if it is me lacking so much knowledge , or if this is on the edge of intermediate stuff.

    thank you

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    Lisa's course was one of the courses I started when I joined and I enjoyed it. I didn't finish the entire course, however, because I was a new player. I really hadn't played much guitar prior to joining JamPlay, mainly just noodling and watching YouTube videos.

    For me (it works different for all of us), I found that I would spend time on a beginner course lesson to get the concepts and coordination. As the course progressed to the point where I was having problems, I would move to a different beginner course and do the same. While I am sure that the instructors put a lot of thought into the continuity of their lessons, at times the concepts just became too advanced for my level, causing me to take a step back, or I found that learning that particular style really wasn't what I wanted to do.

    This worked out quite well for me. Rather than sticking with one instructor style, I was able to broaden my experience and get a feel for which instructors better suited my level and style of playing and learning. Additionally, each beginner lesson series taught different things, so I generally learned more because of the different instructor techniques. This strategy also kept my attention and kept guitar playing fun, something I think was hard when I was first learning.

    As I found myself getting the concepts and skills quicker from the beginner lessons, I started to focus on those instructors that matched my style and worked to complete their courses. This also helped me with jumping to the intermediate courses and allowed me to get more out of the live courses they hold. I had a better idea which instructors to watch and what to learn.

    Bottom line that worked for me:
    • Pick a beginner series that looks good
    • Work through the lessons until the concepts or skills are beyond my level or interest
    • Repeat the previous two steps until I know my style, what I want, and which instructor matches those
    • Go for it and have fun learning how to play the guitar!




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