Hey all!

Signed up for JamPlay about a week ago and pretty much a newb to the guitar. I played between the ages of 10 and 12, but the disconnect between the instructor and I caused me to lose interest. He was about 75 yo and I didn't want to learn Mary Had a Little Lamb LOL.

So I decided to take up guitar at age 47 since my office shutdown and I will be working from home permanently. I figure I will have plenty of time to practice. I bought both an electric and an acoustic. The electric is an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro in Silver Burst with an Orange Crush 20RT amp and the acoustic is a Yamaha FSX800C (pic below).

My concern is not enjoying the journey and knowing that I won't be playing much of what I really want to play for a while. I have to remember there is no rush.

Genres I am interested in are rock, metal and blues.

I look forward to learning a ton here!